BEST. MOVIE NIGHT. EVER!! - Preview - Erotic Story included with Set

Just like an 80s video-nasty, I should have known movie night with Zoe and Tash would end up messy, and with very little in the way of genuine cinematic appreciation. It’s like they were designed to spread mischief wherever they go, a pair of punk pixies with rebellion in their hearts. Both the epitome of the alternative aesthetic and mentality, they still managed to be like chalk and cheese physically; Zoe was the dark and Tash the light, but both had a streak running through them that was as virtuous or as deviant as one could imagine. The side you got depended on their mood and it became very apparent very swiftly, as they curled up on the couch with their bowls of popcorn, that tonight they aimed to misbehave.
Things started out relaxed enough. Zoe sat in her loose-fitting flannel shirt with her thick woollen socks drawn up to her milky-white thighs, burgundy lips pursing against each bite of salt-slick popcorn. Tash perched cross-legged beside her in a retro-design white T shirt and her own over-knee socks pulled high, white wool with alternating red and blue bands. In the glow of the TV they were divine, but the heavenly veneer wouldn’t remain for long. They had been friends for years, but their relationship was one of constant rivalry and playful antagonism. Choosing the movie was just the beginning of the trouble.

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